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Product Repair

Quartech has been manufacturing products in the United States since 1983...

For various reasons some of the products we have manufactured are no longer available for purchase, however, we can still repair most of those products. Currently manufactured product can certainly be repaired with a few exceptions.

The 9800 and 9900 series use a (VFD) Vacuum Fluorescent Display. In 1997 the manufacturer of the VFD decided to abandon the VFD market. Since no other manufacturer made an exact replacement Quartech was forced to redesign our products to accept another VFD. The point to this story is that if you have either of these products and the problem is a failed VFD then we can not repair the product. However, in most cases the current 9800 and 9900 are drop in replacements for the earlier models.

You can determine if your product has an old or new VFD by the serial number.

Return Authorization

A return authorization number must be obtained from Quartech customer service prior to returning any product for repair. A description of the failure should be included with the product. Use care when packing the product for return to prevent physical damage during shipping. The return shipping address is:

Quartech Corporation
15923 Angelo Drive
Macomb, Michigan 48042

The return authorization number should appear on the outside of the box. Always include your name, address, and phone number inside the box. The freight charges for products returned to Quartech are your responsibility.

For customers that do not have an open account with Quartech, payment may be made by credit card or via C.O.D. using UPS delivery.

Warranty Repairs

Quartech products are warranted for a period of one year from the date of shipment. Quartech will repair or replace a defective product free of charge providing the failure is not due to neglect, misuse, or misapplication. Products that are returned and found to have no problem may be subject to an inspection, testing, and return shipping fee

Non-Warranty Repairs

An inspection and testing fee along with return shipping costs apply to non-warranty returns even if no problem is found. Quartech will inspect and test a returned product then advise you of the cost for repair. If you elect to authorize the repair then the payment method must be established. A thirty day warranty is provided on a repaired product but applies only to the repaired section. For example, if a communication port is repaired and the power supply fails within the next thirty days it is not covered by the warranty.

Other Repairs

Quartech has designed an manufactured several products for Cutler-Hammer and offers repair service
for those products which include: