8600/9600 Push Button Stations

The 8600 and 9600 series push button stations are microprocessor based devices that include 16 membrane switches and 16 tri-color Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Switches can be individually configured as either momentary push buttons or as push-on/push-off selector switches. The tri-color LEDs may be individually controlled to illuminate green, amber, or red.

Slip in legend tags allow the LEDs and switches to be customized for a particular application.

4¼" wide, 6¼ high, 2" deep

This compact unit offers an easy to apply, cost effective alternative to traditional push button switches, selector switches, and pilot lights. The pushbutton station connects directly to a PLC. No special communication modules or input/output modules are required. By using the pushbutton station you can eliminate the time consuming jobs of cutting out each individual pilot light and pushbutton hole, wiring those devices to/from their respective I/O, and at the same time reduce panel space.

This pushbutton station is great for existing installations. To add one, the only requirements are a 5 VDC power source and a single communication cable back to the PLC.


  • 16 switches may be independently configured as either a momentary pushbuttons or selector switch.
  • Tactile feedback polyester membrane keypad with large 5/8" x 5/8" keys.
  • Tri-color LEDs may be controlled independent of the switches.
  • Watchdog timer reset function allows the PLC to monitor communication to/from the pushbutton station.
  • Customized legend tags slip safely into pockets between the polyester  layers of the overlay.
  • Connects directly to the PLC programming port. No special modules required.
  • Pushbutton stations have a built-in configuration editor and/or DIP switches for communication setup.

Operating Modes:

The pushbutton station has two operating modes, Mode A and Mode B.

Mode A allows the PLC to control the tri-color LEDs independent of the switches. The PLC can illuminate each individual LED as either green, amber, or red.

Mode B controls the LEDs as an integral part of the switch function. Push buttons do not illuminate any color in the off state and when pressed illuminate the red LED until the button is released. Selector switches illuminate the green LED when in the off state and the red LED in the on state.

Switch Image File:

An area within the PLC must be reserved for use as a switch image file. This is the area where the push button station will write the image of the switches and where the PLC can control the LEDs if operating in Mode A.

Since the push button station does not use input/output cards, the keys must be written to a location in the PLC other than the I/O image table. Depending on the PLC being used, this switch image file can be a bit file, register, Internal coil, etc. The PLC can reference the switch image in its ladder logic as if the bit transition was done by a hard-wired push button/selector switch thus allowing the push button station to be used in both new designs and existing designs without much ladder logic manipulation. Simply replace the existing reference of an input contact to the switch image contact.