IKB Series

The IKB Series is a group of ruggedly constructed keyboards designed for use with PS/2, PC/AT, and PC/XT computers. The IKB plugs directly into the keyboard port on a PC and provides a connection port for the standard PC keyboard. Both keyboards are then operational.


User Defined Keys:

Each of the IKB's 36 user defined keys can be programmed to generate the scan code sequence of almost any key on a standard 101 key keyboard. Also, each of the keys may be programmed as a macro. A macro key allows you to program a number of keystrokes into one key. When the operator presses a macro key, the IKB will generate the scan code sequence of each key that was programmed into the macro string. This is a very powerful feature. For example, a macro key might be used to enter a frequently used identification number. Using a macro key, the number can be reproduced quickly and accurately every time.

Am easy to use software utility allows you to create a file defining each key. The file can then be sent to the IKB via the computer's serial communication port. Since the IKB stores the data file in EEPROM memory, you only have to program it once, but you can change the program later, if needed.

Custom Legend Cards:

Each of the 36 user defined keys have a 7/8" square legend area which allows the user to label each key; a set of legend cards is included. The free LegendMaker software can also be used to create legend cards. The legend cards are kept clean by inserting them into a 'see through' pocket within the keypad.

Monitor Window:

The IKB-1011 and 1021 provide a bezel that incorporates a transparent window to allow an operator to view a 19" video monitor, while it sets safely inside an enclosure. The polycarbonate window is coated to resist cosmetic damage due to abrasion or chemical attack. The window also includes a contrast enhancement filter to eliminate glare and allow a color CRT to be read more easily in a well lit area.

IKB-1021 is designed for standard 19" rack mounting.
IKB-1011 (shown here) is designed for enclosure door mounting.

WinIKB software Dialog

WinIKB Key Editor Dialog