9800 Series Operator Terminal

The 9800 Series packages an 80 character vacuum fluorescent display, 16 element pushbutton station with tri-color light emitting diodes, and a numeric keypad into one integrated unit. It is designed to communicate directly with a Programmable Logic Controller through its programming port allowing a USER to easily view and change values in the controller without having to learn unique address and data formats.

The 9800 is programmmed using ScreenMaker 9000 Windows software or free DOS software. The project developer can customize each screen to fit the current application. Text and data can be combined to create a user friendly interface. An AT style PC keyboard may be plugged directly into the keyboard port on the 9800. Factory floor programming changes can then be made without the use of a PC software.

Product Features...

Field Types...
Text Fields:
The Text Field can be configured the following four ways: static text, flashing text, horizontal scrolling text, and vertical paging text.

PLC Data Field:
Display data from the PLC in several formats including, decimal, ASCII, binary, and hexadecimal. Entry can be allowed or prevented on each field. Individual high and low write limits can also be designated.

ASCII Data Field::
This field allows ASCII strings to be input via an external PC keyboard or bar code reader.

Bit Status/Bit Set Field:
This field will display one of two character strings depending on the status of a group of bits within a defined PLC address. If entry is allowed, the operator may set of clear the same group of bits by first selecting the field then pressing the Enter key.

Data Set Field:
This function allows a defined value to be written to a given address within the PLC. It appears as a text field on the screen and is activated by first selecting it, then pressing the Enter key.

Bar Graph Field:
Bar graphs allow you to choose the character used to form the bar and also allows a scale value to be applied to the raw PLC data.

Clock / Calendar Fields:
The time and date are individual fields that can be used in any screen.
The time and date can also be downloaded to the PLC.

DOS programming software is free and easy to use.

Available Communication Drivers...

The 9800 may be ordered with an installed driver for any of the following PLCs:

What Version is my 9800?

There is two quick ways to determine what the hardware and firmware version of a 9800 is, If you can power-on the 9800 it will display a splash screen that indicates its model number, version, and serial number on line two.

The example above indicates version 3 hardware and firmware. The hardware and firmware version are always the same. If you can not power the 9800 then look at the bottom connector plate to determine the version. Examples are shown below.

-- Version 3 --

9 pin COM 1, 4 position power terminal.

-- Version 2 --

9 pin COM 1, 7 position power terminal.

-- Version 1 --

15 pin COM 1, 7 position power terminal.