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9113-0-0 Communication Cables

Serial RS-232 Cables

The 2180-3 cable connects the 9113 to the Ultra 3000 CN3 port.

(This cable is supplied with the 9113-0-0.)

The 2181-10 cable connects the 9113 to personal computer com port.

The 2182-10 cable connects the 9113 serial port to a 9120 Multiplexer.

Baud Rate: 38,400:
Byte format is fixed at drive default:
8 Data Bits, No Parity, 1 Stop Bit

The serial communication port of the 9113 uses RS-232 signal levels. A six pin circular mini-DIN plug must be used on the 9113 end of all communication cables.

Pin 1 - No Connection
Pin 2 - Transmit Data
Pin 3 - Receive Data
Pin 4 - Request-To-Send
Pin 5 - Clear-To-Send
Pin 6 - Signal Common

Ethernet Cables

The 9113 operates with standard Ethernet cables available from many sources.
The examples below are consistent with the TIA/EIA 568 color code standards.