9113-0-0 Ethernet Bridge

The Model 9113 Ethernet Bridge allows an Allen-Bradley PLC such as the MicroLogix 1100 to monitor and control an Ultra 3000 Servo Drive over an ethernet connection. The 9113 connects to the Ultra 3000 CN3 port using a cable provided with the unit and to the PLC via a 10/100 auto sensing ethernet port. The PLC will access the 9113 as though it were another PLC using File/Element addressing. A pre-defined map exists within the 9113 that associates Ultra 3000 Host Command Reference parameters to File/Element numbers.

The 9113-0-0 has been replaced by the 9113-1-1

Shown below is the simplest application which does not require an ethernet hub or switch.
The PLC will access drive parameters using the Message Instruction.

The 9113 provides a bridge to a single drive. When an application requires multiple drives
to be controlled then each drive will have an associated 9113 with a unique IP address.
An ethernet hub or switch will be required to connect the devices.

The 9113 allows a PLC to read and write parameters within the Ultra 3000 drive using the Message Instruction.
The parameters in the Ultra 3000 are mapped to File/Element numbers so the PLC accesses the
Ultra parameters as though they were File/Elements in a peer SLC500/Micrologix PLC

A free utility is available that will find the File/Element number associated with an Ultra 3000 parameter you select.
The utility will run along with RSLogix and will remain on top unless minimized.
This allows you to quickly select a parameter, copy the associated File/Element number to the Windows clipboard
then paste the number into the RSLogix Message Instruction setup dialog.

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