9112 Software Download

ProjectMaker 9112 software is a modular program. The Project Selection program is the base installation and carries common components used by the plug-in modules. The installation program available below will install the Project Selector, Data Transfer plugin and Data Control plugin. Time has shown that the majority of projects are Data Transfer projects, so this installation is all that is needed. The Archive Assets link that follows offers additional plugins and resources that may be of interest.

    The software is Windows compatible and has been tested on the following operating systems:

    Windows 8.1 Professional (x86 + x64), Windows 7 Professional (x86 + x64), Windows XP SP3 (x86)

Current Version of ProjectMaker Software

File Name: ProjectMaker_9112_Installer_V200.zip

When unzipped the following file is produced:
Quartech ProjectMaker 9112 Software Installer V2.00.exe

ProjectMaker is used to download product firmware and project files you create into the 9112.
Here is a Quick Reference to help guide you through this process.

--Project Upload Notice--

If you need to upload a Data Transfer project from an
existing 9112 go to the archive page and download the

Data Transfer Project Uploader Plugin

If you are using a computer that does not have a hardware RS-232 serial port then a
USB to Serial Adpater will be required. Not all USB to Serial Adapters work with all
devices. We have had execellent results using the TRIPP-LITE Keyspan USA-19HS.

Sample Projects

Here are sample projects for Data Transfer and Data Control applications. Download the desired projects to you computer then use the "Import a Project" function to pull the project into ProjectMaker 9112. Access the "Import a Project" function from the menu bar while the "Projects" list is displayed in either a Data Transfer or Data Control application.

Ultra 3000 to SLC DF1
Robo Cylinder to SLC DF1

Ternary Actuator to SLC DF1
S7-200 to Ultra 3000

Ternary Actuator to SLC DF1
Robo Cylinder to SLC DF1

S7-200 to Ternary Actuator

The following communication Drivers are available:

Click here to access the archive page.

The archive page includes additional software, older firmware, and application samples.