9112 Communication Bridge

The Model 9112 Communication Bridge is a user programmable device that allows different types of products to exchange data.

Two serial communication ports provide both RS-232 and RS-485 hardware interfaces. Each port can be configured for compatibility with various devices including servo drives, programmable logic controllers, and instrumentation.

Optional interface modules allow the 9112 to connect with devices that have specialized hardware interfaces.

The operation of the 9112 is determined by the software configuration or project that has been downloaded into it. The 9112 is configured using ProjectMaker 9112 Windows based software. Project files are downloaded using the personal computers serial communication port and are internally stored in non-volatile flash memory.

Data Transfer Project

To create a Data Transfer project you define the attached devices, configure communication parameters, create a tag name database, then populate the transfer files.

A transfer file is a list of data transfers, each having a source and a destination. Each transfer file also has a trigger element which determines if the list of transfers is executed. To populate a transfer list you simply drag-and-drop the tag names into the source or destination columns of the list.

Tag name are color coded making it clear what device port the tag is associated with. A project may have up to 127 transfer files each having up to 127 transfers lines.

Data Control Project

Like the Data Transfer Project, the Data Control Project can transfer values from one device to another, however, it goes far beyond that. The Data Control Project has the ability to internally store data and perform advanced operations on data. The movement and manipulation of data is decision based using logic blocks that resembles ladder logic programming.

The instructions for a Data Control Project are defined within individual logic blocks that you construct. A logic block is an eight by eight matrix that allows logic elements to be placed using drag-and-drop. Up to 254 logic blocks are alowed.

Each element within a logic block has an associated parameter file which is accessed by double-clicking the element. You then set the parameters by dragging-and-dropping tag names or entering fixed values or text.

Port Mapping Project

A Port Mapping Project allows a master device to access data within a slave device when the master and slave protocols are not compatible. A Port Mapping Project is created by selecting a configuration and setting serial communication parameters.

A mapping table within the help file determines the addressing required to access a variable in the slave device.

Available configurations allow an A-B PanelView terminal to access parameters in an A-B Ultra 100/200 or Ultra 3000 Servo Drive.