9110 Serial Controlled I/O Module

The 9110 is a discrete input/output module that interfaces to a host device via a RS-232 or RS-485 serial communication link. Eight circuits are provided and can be individually configured as an input or output using ProjectMaker 9110 Windows based offline configuration software. Project files are safely stored in non-volatile flash memory.

The 9110 is designed for twenty four volt operation. Inputs are optically coupled and outputs are relay type. The unit mounts on a standard DIN rail.

A factory installed driver allows it to communicate with a particular type of host device such as a Motor Drive, Programmable Controller, or Computer.

1.75" wide, 3.25" high and 4.25" deep

Available Models:

9110ABU    Allen-Bradley Ultra 100/200 Interface
9110ASC    Definable ASCII Interface

All models of the 9110 are programmable using ProjectMaker 9110 Windows software which is provided for free. To learn more about the 9110 download a copy of the product manual available under the Documents tab.

The schematic below shows the typical electrical configuration for each of the eight circuits.

Each circuit has a separate Circuit Terminal.
Circuits one through four share an Input Common and Output Common terminal.
Circuits five through eight share an Input Common and Output Common Terminal.