3800 Operator Terminal (Ultra 3000)

The 3800 is a monochrome graphic operator terminal featuring an eighty cell touch screen above a 160 x 128 pixel LED backlighted LCD. It is designed to communicate with one or more Ultra 3000 drives and simultaneously to a DF1 device such as a MicroLogix PLC.

It uses the Host Reference communication protocol allowing it to monitor and display most parameters associated with velocity, torque, position, and indexing.

Direct connect operator terminal for the Ultra 3000

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The 3800 is customized for a particular application by creating screens using ScreenMaker 3800K software which is available free right here. A screen is made up from individual fields that include simple text, geometric shapes, bit map images, and dynamic fields that provides access to drive and DF1 device parameters. Each field has an assigned size and position within a screen. Available field types may be combined in any combination to produce screens perfect for your application.

Bit Map Images...

The configuration software includes BitmapMaker which is an easy to use image editor perfect for creating compatible bit map images. The 3800 allows you to place a background image on a screen then overlay invisible push buttons. Use the Multi-State graphic field to display a bit map based on the value of a drive or PLC parameter.


The Recipe Field...

Recipes allow you to modify a single or multiple parameters with a single touch or it can execute automatically when a screen is first displayed. It can appear as a push button, a bitmap image, or it can be invisible. A single Recipe field can have up to twenty parameters within it. Create Link Recipes that can be called from other recipes within any screen or by Control Scripts.

Use the Recipe field to increment or decrement a single parameter by assigning a value and a limit. With each press of the button the target parameter will be adjusted by the assigned value untill the limit is reached.

Control Scripts...

Control Scripts allow the 3800 to perform tasks far beyond simple data entry and display. With a script you can create decision based logic to move and manipulate data. Control Scripts are created using ScriptMaker 3800K which is included with ScreenMaker. The ScriptMaker user interface has been designed to make script creation simple by providing a structured environment. Allowed instructions and parameters are selected from drop-down lists. Syntax checking prevents you from saving a script that contains errors or missing parameters.


The LCD contrast can be adjusted using the touchpad on the 3800.
Here is a Quick Reference to show you how.

The easy way to network Ultra 3000 Drives....

The Model 9109K Termination Adapter
makes networking Ultra 3000 Drives
easy and more reliable.

Download the PDF tech sheet TS9109K-Rev0