2900 Operator Terminal

The 2900 was designed for use with compact programmable controllers. It enables the user to easily view and change values within the PLC. It is fully programmable using ScreenMaker Windows software which is provided free of charge. You can customize each screen to fit the current application.

The up/down arrows allow the user to navigate through screens in an order assigned by the project designer. In addition, the PLC can force the 2900 to a desired screen (i.e. Faults, prompts, etc.). The up/down arrows also allow the operator to increment or decrement data values.

The YES/NO keys manipulate individual bits internal to the PLC. These keys can be used for any function that a traditional pushbutton is used for, however, they can also be redefined to function differently on every screen.

6¼" wide, 4¼ high, 2" deep

Product Features...


The LCD contrast can be adjusted using the keypad on the 2900.
Here is a Quick Reference to show you how.

ScreenMaker 2000 is a free easy to use Windows application.

Available Communication Drivers...

Allen-Bradley, SLC500 DH485
Allen-Bradley, PLC-5 DF1
Fuji Electric, N Series
Idec, Micro3/ Micro3C
Modicon, Modbus RTU
Toshiba EX100 Protocol
Slave ASCII Terminal

Allen-Bradley, SLC500 DF1, (MicroLogix)
Allen-Bradley. PLC-2
GE Fanuc, Series 90 Protocol (SNP)
Mitsubishi, FX Series
Omron, Host Link Interface
Toshiba T1 Protocol