2813-0-0 Operator Terminal

The 2813 is designed to communicate with up to four Kinetix 300 servo drives using Ethernet communication allowing it to monitor and modify most parameters within the drive.

The 2813 is fully programmable using ScreenMaker 2813 Windows based off-line software which is provided free of charge. Text, data, recipes, and scripts can be combined in order to produce screens and functions that directly correspond to the current drive application. Parameters can be defined as read only or read/write with entry limit protection an scaling.

The Next, Prev, and Cancel keys allow the user to navigate through 2813 screens in an order predetermined by the project designer.

6¼" wide, 4¼ high, 2" deep

The four function keys can be redefine on each screen. Each key can be configured to manipulate variables within the drive. They can also be configured as additional screen triggers. A slip-in legend tag allows the the function keys to be custom labeled, and LegendMaker software makes it easy.

Direct connect operator terminal for the Kinetix 300

Shown below is a typical configuration that allows PC access to the 2813 and the drive via ethernet.

The LCD contrast can be adjusted
using the keypad on the 2813.
Here is a Quick Reference to show you how.

Customized legend tags can be created then
inserted into a protected pocket within the keypad.
A free application makes it easy. (Software tab)

Project screens are created using ScreenMaker 2813 which is a free Windows application. ScreenMaker includes extensive integrated help that provides assistance when and where you need it. Sample projects are provided to get you started.

Control scripts are created using ScriptMaker 2813 which is a free Windows application. ScriptMaker provides a structured environment. A new line within a script is input by selecting an instruction from the list of available instructions. Additional line parameters are enabled based on the instruction selected. A script can not be saved if it contains errors which will be identified by the application. ScriptMaker includes integrated help, making it easy to use.

Built-in Web Server...

The 2813 Web Utilities provide a way to view the settings and monitor the operation of the unit.
Access the Web Utilities using you favorite browser.

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