2800 Operator Terminal
for the Wittenstein
Ternary Actuator

The 2800 is designed to communicate with one or more Ternary actuators. The Ternary Serial Communication protocol is used allowing it to monitor and control actuator movement and modify Point Data setup.

The 2800 is fully programmable using ScreenMaker 2000T Windows based off-line software which is provided free of charge. Text, data and recipes can be combined in order to produce screens that directly correspond to the current actuator application. Variables can be scaled and offer entry limit protection.

The Next and Prev keys allow the operator to navigate through 2800 screens in an order predetermined by the project developer.

The four function keys can be redefined on each screen. Each key can be configured to manipulate individual bits or words internal to the host. They can also be configured as additional screen triggers. A slip-in legend tag allows the function keys to be custom labeled. LegendMaker software makes it easy.

Product Features...

Project screens are created using ScreenMaker 2000T which is a free Windows application.
ScreenMaker includes extensive integrated help that provides assistance when and where you need it.
A sample project is included to get you started.