2800 Series - Product Selector

Important Notice:

The 2800 Series Hardware has changed and now requires new firmware drivers.

The hardware change begins with serial number 54543. Another way to distinguish between hardware versions is to power the 2800 with DIP switch four on. The display will indicate either V1.00 or V2.00.

ScreenMaker configuration software is available free of charge. In most cases, two installation packages are now available. One includes version one firmware drivers while the other includes version two firmware drivers. In addition an installation program is available that will install just the firmware drivers into an existing ScreenMaker installation. You simply select version one or version two drivers.

Hardware version two will not accept a version one firmware driver and will display a warning message indicating so. Hardware version one will accept a version two firmware driver however your project file will not successfully download to the 2800 .

Choose an appropriate software package from the following text links or from the image below.

ScreenMaker 2000       ScreenMaker 2000K       ScreenMaker 2000D       ScreenMaker 2800T

ScreenMaker 2800PF4       ScreenMaker 2800PF7       ScreenMaker 2800 Tritex