2800 Operator Terminal (PLC + ASCII)

The 2800 is fully programmable using ScreenMaker Windows based off-line software which is provided free of charge. You can customize each screen to fit the current application. Text and data can be combined in order to eliminate the need for the user to know the origin of the data being displayed. Text can be combined with eight variable fields coming from any data location internal to the host. In addition, the values can be scaled and displayed in various formats. Variables can also be defined as read only or read/write thus allowing for system protection.

The Next and Prev keys allow the user to navigate through 2800 screens in an order predetermined by the project developer. In addition, a PLC can force the 2800 to a desired screen (i.e. Faults, prompts, etc.).

The four function keys can be redefined on each screen. Each key can be configured to manipulate individual bits or words internal to the host. They can also be configured as additional screen triggers. A slip-in legend tag allows the function keys to be custom labeled. LegendMaker software makes it easy.

Product Features...

ScreenMaker 2000 is a free easy to use Windows application.

Available Communication Drivers...

Allen-Bradley, SLC500 DH485
Allen-Bradley, PLC-5 DF1
Fuji Electric, N Series
Idec, Micro3/ Micro3C
Modicon, Modbus RTU
Toshiba EX100 Protocol
Slave ASCII Terminal

Allen-Bradley, SLC500 DF1, (MicroLogix)
Allen-Bradley. PLC-2
GE Fanuc, Series 90 Protocol (SNP)
Mitsubishi, FX Series
Omron, Host Link Interface
Toshiba T1 Protocol
General Purpose ASCII